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There are a few simple steps to get the free game Super Solvers – OutNumbered running on your Windows system.

  1. Get the game for free
  2. Download a DOS emulator (DOSBox)
  3. Install DOSBox
  4. Extract the game
  5. Start the game in DOSBox
  6. Game controls

Below, every step is described in detail

Step 1. Get the game for free

The game can be obtained at the following abandonware site(s):

XTCabandonware: download game | how to download

Step 2. Download a DOS emulator (DOSBox)

DOSBox is the perfect emulator to play the old games.
Go to to download the latest version.

for how to download DOSBox follow this link.

Step 3. Install DOSBox

After download of DOSBox just double click the installation file and DOSBox will be installed.
For screenshots check “DOSBox installation
A DOSBox icon will appear on your desktop which looks like this:

Step 4. Extract the game

Usually files are “zipped” when downloaded from internet. Luckily Windows XP, Window Vista and Windows 7 do have the ability to unpack these files.

I assume you’ve download the file called and put it in your games directory.
something like this:

d:\my documents\games\

Right click on the zip file and choose “Extract all” and press enter.

The game will extract in a new folder.
Browse to that folder.

Step 5. Start the game in DOSBox

To start a game in DOSBox you simply have to drag the correct file over the DOSBox icon on your desktop.


For Super Solvers – OutNumbered you have to drag the file ON.EXE onto the DOSBox icon on your desktop.

The game will load and you are good to go!

Step 6. Game Controls

Just user the normal arrow keys and controls mentioned in the game itself, (shift, ctrl, spacebar)

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